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Mar 18, 2023
Industrial Visit to Labinduss Pvt Ltd
Industrial Visit to Labinduss Pvt Ltd

Industrial visit to Labinduss Pvt ltd was organized on 18-03-2023 for 1st semester B. Pharm students. 45 students of the class were allowed for the visit. The students were accompanied by faculties Dr N. Sureindran, HOD, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, and Mrs. Rosemol K john, Assistant professor.

Labinduss is a pharmaceutical company that provides medicines with superior quality at most affordable prices. Students visited various departments such as Oral liquid section 1 with capacity of 1500 litres p, Oral liquid section 2 with capacity of 3000 litres, External Preparations like lotions and liniments 1200 litres, Cream, Ointment, Gel of 5000 Kg per shift and Capsules with a shift of 30000 capsules per shift. Labindus has also got a excellent QC/QA and R $ D department to check quality parameters.  The visit was so fascinating and informative for students.For students it was a good practical experience for understanding the production, filling, packing, storage and quality checking of various liquid orals, external preparations and capsules.

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