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Resourceful Library | Digital Classroom | Center for Promotion of Research | Center for Teaching, Learning and Evaluation | Skill development courses | Qualified and experienced staff | Excellent Academic Results and Healthy Academic Environment | Well Equipped Laboratories and Spacious Classrooms | Well prepared playground, Badminton court, and Volleyball court | Well equipped Language Laboratory | Good research Culture | Hostels | Canteen | Project Based Learning | Value added course, Hands-on Training | Placement | Product Development | Industry Institute Interaction | Bus facility for all students | Hostel facilities for Students | Promoting Leadership | Project Expo | Interactive Learning | Career counseling by guest speakers, senior corporate personnel | Tie-up arrangements with Industries & Corporate of repute for Campus 



We always consider what is important to you and we meet your needs both academically and personally.


Many students feel overwhelmed by the options when trying to decide where to spend the next four (or more) years of their lives. Following are some of the features of college.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
High Graduation Rate

The goal is to obtain a degree, and we are much more successful at students with low failure ratio.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Clubs and Activities

"Quantity over quality" applies when it comes to the clubs and activities present at our college. College is the time to chase new interests too, eventhough Academics are the most important feature of the college, so many clubs like ED club, Women’s Club, Photography Club and Department wise clubs are actively co-ordinating activities which make students more live in the campus.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Internships and Research Opportunities

Nothing helps more when applying for jobs out of college than having hands-on, practical experience on your resume. We have vigorous programs for experiential learning. College gives you opportunities to secure meaningful summer internships with companies that interest you, and take advantage of a strong alumni network when you are looking for work after graduation.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Travel Opportunities for Students

A good education should prepare you to go out into the world. All employers want to see that you are open-minded and aware, and some even expect you to be adept at international relations. We offer travel opportunities and programs for students to explore more about their respective disciplines.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Engaging Curriculum

We are sure that you can spend time exploring your course catalogs. The college has a strong first-year curriculum to support your transition into college-level coursework and offers courses that interest you.College have elective courses that make you feel excited.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Low Student to Faculty Ratio

The student to faculty ratio is an important figure to consider. College have a very low student to faculty ratio, so that faculty members may have a lot of time for students.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Health and Wellness Facilities

Mental and physical health issues also thrive in campus atmospheres. Nirmala always gives importance to health and wellness facilities and programs. we provide

Hygiene canteen offers healthy meal options daily | A counseling center offering support for students struggling with mental health issues should also be available | Programs are organised to educate students about responsible drinking and sexual health | Physical training is also given to the students to keep them more energetic and vibrant.

Students of a healthy body and mind are much more likely to succeed in college than those who aren't.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Campus Safety

Students are extremely safe and the crime rates are zero as college gives much importance to campus safety. Anti-ragging cell and Student grievance cell are actively supporting students in all aspects.

Nirmala College Of Health Science
Career Services

Most students attend college with career aspirations in mind, and our career services help you to achieve these. The placement cell provides all facilities as the students apply for jobs, internships, and other job-related training. Job fairs, Resume development sessions, Mock interviews, Frequent academic advising, Pre-tests, and study sessions are organised systematically.